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Q. Volcano Digital vs. Volcano Classic: What's the difference?

The Volcano Digit offers enhanced features such as a large LED display, precise electronic control, an automatic switch-off timer, and temperature accuracy of 1.5°C. The Volcano Classic, on the other hand, has a robust electromechanical design, temperature accuracy of 5°C, and a temperature range of 130°C to 230°C.


Q. Easy Valve vs. Solid Valve: Which should I choose?

The Easy Valve system is convenient, requiring less maintenance and allowing for multiple bags to be used simultaneously. It features a sleek valve and herb chamber system. The Solid Valve system offers customizability in bag sizes but requires more maintenance. It comes with a variety of accessories for a tailored experience.


Q. Which parts of the Volcano vaporizer require replacement?

Over time, the filling chamber screens may need to be replaced, but they have a long lifespan. The Easy Valve balloons last around three months with everyday use, while the Solid Valve balloons can be replaced with new material. Additional balloon material and replacement sets are available for both valve systems.

Q. Why is the Volcano vaporizer more expensive than others?

The Volcano vaporizer stands out due to its top-quality materials, craftsmanship, and unique patented system technology. It offers precise temperature control, efficient vaporization, and a safe and convenient user experience. The investment in the Volcano ensures a high-quality and reliable vaporizer.

Q. How long can vapors be stored in the balloon?

Vapors in the balloon may condense over time, but if inhaled within 5-10 minutes, there is little to no loss. The valve balloon is designed for convenient inhalation rather than long-term storage of vapor.


Q. What is the purpose of the liquid pad?

The liquid pad is used to vaporize aroma oils and essences of plants. It acts as a carrier for the essence and is comparable to the plant fibers in the vaporization process. Follow the instructions in the Volcano manual for using the liquid pad.

Q. Which temperature should I select?

The ideal temperature is when a fine, white mist rises. Conduct your own observations to determine the right temperature. Vapor that is barely visible indicates a temperature that is too low, while thick and dense vapor may be unpleasant to inhale.


Q. Can the vaporization product burn in the Volcano?

No, the Volcano vaporizer is designed to prevent the combustion of herbal material. Safety measures are in place to ensure that critical air temperatures above 230°C are not reached.


Q. Why do no vapors initially develop when filling the balloon?

Both the herbs to be vaporized and the filling chamber cylinder need to reach the vaporization temperature. It is recommended to warm up the plant material by placing the filling chamber on the exhaust vent of the Volcano before attaching the valve balloon.


Q. Does the balloon material emit any substances?

No, the balloon material used in the Volcano vaporizer is highly pure and heat-proof. It is food-safe, tasteless, and does not emit any substances when inhaled. Only use approved oven
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