About Us

Greenhut is New Zealand-owned and operated headshop with the mission to deliver our fellow Kiwis premium, Waterpipes, smoke wear and accessories from the most reputable brands in the world.

We decided to pursue building a first-class online headshop because we recognised a need in the market. Herbal connoisseurs from NZ were forced to choose between visiting a retail store with limited inventory and buying products online. While there are other reputable online headshops, they aren't explicitly catering to the needs of Kiwis. In addition, many of the online options only carry cheap, low-quality products from unknown brands that aren't built to last.

We are excited to give our fellow Kiwis a third option – Greenhut, a headshop with an expansive inventory of essential smoke wear products from the most trusted brands in the business.

No need to visit the cornerstone for rolling papers or gamble with a cheap waterpipe from an online headshop.

Greenhut has everything you need under one digital roof and will deliver directly to your doorstep!

Need blunt wraps?

Percolator water pipe?

Dry herb vaporizers?

Greenhut has you covered!

Virtually every component needed to turn your smoke session into perfection can be found at Greenhut.

Browse the smoke shop now.

Our Diverse Waterpipe Inventory

The waterpipe selection at Greenhut is second to none, providing perfect options for beginners and experienced smokers. We have classic designs like beaker and round base waterpipes as well as more technologically advanced pieces featuring ice catchers and percolators.

Choose from various sizes, so whether you need a stationary home session piece or a durable waterpipe for on-the-go, Greenhut has you covered.

Glass is the go-to option for most herbal enthusiasts because the material complements the taste of exotic greenery. All glass waterpipes feature a treatment to handle extreme temperatures without cracking or degrading in quality. Experience your herb its maximum potential with glass waterpipes from the Greenhut.

We also have an extensive selection of popular contemporary waterpipe materials such as acrylic and silicone. These pieces are perfect if you want to save or need a portable option. While there isn't an any better choice than glass based purely on taste, we make sure to carry only high-quality options that lead to poor taste or an overwhelming odor.

All our waterpipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the easiest way is to shop by material.

We suggest going with glass when possible due to the undoubtedly superior taste. However, if you are susceptible to breaking your piece, you may want to think about a more durable material. Silicone is the strongest and most cost-effective type of waterpipe available today. Because we only carry the best brands in the industry, you can find a durable option that still compliments your herb of choice. 

Browse waterpipes to see our entire collection.

Embrace the Future of Herbal Consumption with Vaporizers

Vaporizers offer an efficient, discreet, and portable alternative to classic smoking methods. Whether you prefer dry herbs or extracts, Greenhut has the perfect unit for your needs.

Smoking with a vaporizer is the latest development in smoking technology. At Greenhut, we are passionate about the evolution of our culture and only choose the leaders in the industry in our vaporizer selection. As a result, you will find the most advanced options from brands like Storz & Bickel, Xvape, Flowermate, Davinci, and Airis, all available at the best price possible for NZ customers.

There's no better option than a vape when enjoying the outdoors.

We carry discreet options that will fit easily in a purse, side bag, pocket, or backpack and be ready to deliver smooth draws.

Flowermate, Davinci, and Xvape have models perfect for the on-the-go. Each brand features innovative heating mechanisms allowing you to experience the best taste possible at a moment's notice.

One of our favorite brands in the industry is Storz & Bickel, creator of the volcano vaporizer. While the iconic German-engineered brand is well known for progressing herbal vaping into the mainstream decades ago, they continue to lead the industry. The new volcano models are truly a testament to the ingenuity of our culture. 

A Smoke Shop for Kiwis by Kiwis

Greenhut strives to be the only stop you'll ever need for smoke wear and vital smoking accessories. We understand that smokers need more than just papers and waterpipes to perfect their sessions; it's a lifestyle that requires the proper accommodations.

We carry an assortment of premium products, including rolling trays, scales, and pipe cleaners. Accessories will keep your passion for herbal satisfaction organized and manageable.

Based on our experience in the industry, we know that finding a reliable source for detox and testing kits can be one of the biggest challenges for New Zealanders. Purchasing in retail can be inconvenient, and ordering online from untrustworthy websites puts your livelihood at risk. Instead, shop the best names in detox with multiple options that are tried and true.

Enjoy your herbs carefree with the assurance of detox and reliable testing.

Essential Headshop Brands

A smoke shop isn't complete without iconic rolling paper and smoking accessory brands like Juicy Jay, RAW, Kingpin, and Cyclone. Whether you need to stock up on flavored papers from Juicy Jay or buy a rolling tray from the industry legend RAW Papers.

Skip the lines, low inventory, cheap alternatives, and expired products retail locations are notorious for, and get your headshop essential delivered directly to your door. All Greenhut products are quality tested and shipped from NZ.

We were tired of making two to three stops every time we needed supplies for the session. So, we decided to create a smoke shop for our fellow Kiwis – Greenhut Look No Further than the Hut!