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Large Brass Smoking Pipe 12cm

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Step into the realm of classic smoking experiences with our Large Brass Smoking Pipe. Spanning 12cm in length, this pipe is a distinguished choice for those who appreciate the traditional feel and longevity of brass.

Crafted with a generous bowl, this pipe is designed for those who enjoy extended sessions and a significant draw. The bowl's ample space allows for a liberal amount of your preferred herbs, making it ideal for both solo and social smoking.

The elongated stem provides a comfortable grip, while the fine detailing adds an air of sophistication. The solid brass material not only imparts a vintage aesthetic but also ensures a smooth, clean smoking experience with every use.

Perfect for connoisseurs seeking a reliable and stylish piece, this Large Brass Smoking Pipe makes a substantial addition to any smoker's collection. It's built to last, age gracefully, and deliver the impeccable taste and pleasure of a pure brass smoking journey.

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