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LimPuro Water Pipe Bio Cleaner Concentrate Sachet 20ml

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Limpuro Water Pipe Bio Cleaner Sachet 20ml 

It is the perfect bong cleaning solution. Simple to use, no brushing or scrubbing required, simply allow to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. 

With Limpuro you don't need a brush! It simply cleans the bong for you. Limpuro is very economical and easy to use and gives a brilliant result without a brush.

Limpuro is kind to all types of bongs and pipes, acrylic, glass or silicone. The dirt rinses right away, suspended in the cleaning solution meaning no long rinsing is necessary.

Leaves your glassware looking bright and brilliant after cleaning, leaving no after taste. Limpuro is 100% biodegradable with no added fragrances and no allergens. 

Free from all phosphates and alkaline acids.

Limpuro is Made in Germany. 

Also Available as:

  • LIMPURO Bio Cleaner 100ml
  • LIMPURO Bio Cleaner 250ml

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