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Colored Spike Aluminium Alloy Grinder

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Made with high-grade aluminium alloy, this grinder is built to last and can withstand regular use. Its unique spiked design ensures that it grinds herbs and other materials effectively and efficiently, while its sharp teeth make grinding effortless. Here are some key features of this product:

  • Made with high-grade aluminium alloy, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Unique spiked design allows for effective and efficient grinding of materials.
  • Sharp teeth ensure that grinding is effortless and smooth.
  • Comes with a pollen catcher to collect and store kief.
  • 4-piece grinder, including a lid, grinder, mesh screen, and pollen catcher.

The Colored Spike Aluminium Alloy Grinder is a high-quality accessory that is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve the perfect grind every time. Its unique spiked design and sharp teeth make it easy to grind even the toughest herbs, while its pollen catcher ensures that no valuable material goes to waste.

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