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RAW Original Aluminium Grinder

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Grinder RAW 4 Pc Aluminium 56mm

Raw aluminum Grinder 56mm and 4 parts tank for pollen. Magnetic closure lid with Raw logo , plastic scoop to collect pollen and elegant presentation case.

Designed to not only grind your stuff but to fluff while breaking up chunks, giving you the perfect consistency smoking material to roll up in a RAW Paper.

The RAW 4 Piece Shredder uses the most well-proven designs for its teeth and operation. Sometimes classic and old school are the best way to ensure the most reliable & efficient cuts, shreds and grinds. RAW Shredders use a classic, strongly proven notch-tooth design with angle enhancements and edge bumps to push material from the edges back into the center shredding area.

Made from American-made Aircraft Grade Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy

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