Are dry herb vaporizers legal in NZ?

As the medical marijuana industry continues to expand, vaporisers are becoming increasingly popular as a means of administering medication. Here in New Zealand, The Ministry of Health offers guidance on importing and owning approved dry-herb or cartridge based vaporiser devices from overseas regulators - providing an accessible pathway for symptom relief.


Discover the latest research and news on medicinal cannabis from the Medicinal Cannabis Agency. Stay up to date with relevant information for health professionals so you can provide optimal care for your patients!

Approaching soon, medicinal cannabis flower will be accessible with a doctor's prescription. Patients can use this medication safely via inhalation — not smoking. A dry-herb vaporiser is used to heat the medicine until it produces an intoxicating vapour which can then be inhaled for immediate effects; This method of vaping has proven drastically healthier and more efficient than combusting cannabis in smoke form!

Looking for an alternative to smoking cannabis? Dry-herb vaporisers can provide users in New Zealand with a more healthful way of consuming the plant. These devices heat ground, dried flower at temperatures above 160 degrees Celsius - releasing active cannabinoids into vapour form which is then inhaled. Unlike cartridge vapes, dry herb vaporisers are dedicated solely to their namesake so you get maximum flavour and effect out of your herbs!

In New Zealand, certain dry herb vaporisers are recognised as medical devices. These specialised pieces of equipment provide users with a safe and effective way to consume herbs for medicinal purposes.

1) Storz & Bickel Mighty  Vaporizer
2) Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

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