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Cyclone Sugar Cane Xtra-Slo with Dank Tip7

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Introducing Cyclone Wrap Cones Extra Slo Sugar Cane, a phenomenal pre-rolled experience. Infused with the delightful essence of Sugar Cane, each puff is an indulgence in sweetness. Encased within each Cyclone is a Dank 7 Tip, meticulously soaked for 7 days, ensuring a potent and enduring flavor.

Product Highlights:

Crafted to perfection, these cones boast a seamless cone shape for effortless packing, accompanied by a convenient packing stick. The packaging not only safeguards the flavor but also ensures your smoking pleasure remains intact, free from any crushing. Each pack contains two tantalizing Sugar Cane-flavored cones.


- 2 x Sugar Cane Flavored Cones per pack
- Slow and Even Burn
- Dank 7 Reusable Bamboo Tip
- Size: 105mm Length

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