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Glass Reclaim Ash Catcher Collector 14mm Male with Silicone Jar

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Glass and silicone reclaim catcher helps keep your water pipe clean while also cooling your hit. 

How to use this silicone reclaim catcher 
Place the silicone stopper on the bottom of the reclaim catcher.
Pour a little water into the reclaim catcher or use it without water if you desire.
Attached is the reclaim catcher to the 14mm female joint on your water pipe. Then attach your banger to the joint on the top of the reclaim catcher. 

With 14mm join it fits a wide range of water pipes. 

Choose from 45-degree or 90-degree join.


Material: Glass Silicone

Size: 7cm

Weight: 65g

Pipe Joint: 14MM caliber

Note: Color of container may vary, subject to availability.


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