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Juicy Blunt Wrap Wham Bam

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Juicy Jay has a wide range of flavoured cigarette papers, rolls, and cigar blunts in the market. Each flavoured blunt of Jay’s is nothing but a little beast that can give you a trippy trip. The Juicy Jay Double Wrap Cigar Blunts have unique flavours that smell and taste different to every smoker. These blunts are made up of organic Hemp with triple-dip flavour system that gives cigar blunt paper a flavour for every smoker to enjoy and smoke. 

Flavour: The Juicy Jay Double Wrap WHAM Bam has a crazy flavor of watermelon that will hydrate you just like the actual fruit. The flavour of the cigar-smoking blunt paper is to enhance your smoking experience by litting up your taste buds.


  • 2 Piece in each Pack
  • WHAM BAM Flavor
  • Made out of Triple dip Flavour System
  • Made of Pure Hemp
  • Natural Sugar Gum
  • Burns Slowly and Evenly
  • Resealable Zip Lock Pack

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