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Juicy Hemp Wrap Manic 2pk

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Flavoured blunt wraps from Juicy Jay's made of 100% hemp, completely free from nicotine and tobacco. Delivered in a resealable pouch that keeps the cigar wraps protected and moist. Two wraps in each pack!

Flavour: Manic (Mango & Papaya)

Juicy Jay's is probably the world's most famous flavoured rolling paper with the world’s widest assortment of flavours. Juicy Jay's rolling paper is triple-dipped in flavouring and therefore said to have three times more taste than other rolling papers on the market - our recommendation is to try them all to find your favourites. Except that the paper tastes fantastically it's also covered with a colourful pattern, printed with edible soy ink, depending on which flavour the paper is. Each smoking session with Juicy Jay’s will be something extra special.

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