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Premium Double Percolator Solid Glass Waterpipe 46cm

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Crafted from high-quality, thick glass, this waterpipe features a dual percolator design that filters smoke through two separate chambers for an even smoother hit. The built-in ice catcher also allows you to add ice cubes to the top chamber, further cooling and filtering the smoke for an incredibly smooth smoking experience.

  • Double percolator system for optimal filtration and cooling
  • Made from high-quality, durable glass
  • Height of 46cm for a substantial smoking experience
  • Sturdy base to prevent tipping over
  • Comes with a bowl for your smoking material


Material: Glass
Joint Size : 18mm
Height : 46cm
Drop Cone: 14mm
Stem & Dropcone are Included
Note: Colour and picture on the waterpipe will be chosen at our own discretion and may vary depending upon stock availability

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