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Stable Base Single Flame Torch Lighter

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Introducing the Stable Base Single Flame Torch Lighter by Jobon, a reliable and versatile tool designed to enhance your smoking experience. Crafted with precision engineering and thoughtful design, this lighter features a stable base that ensures steady placement on any surface, providing convenience and stability during use.

Equipped with a single flame torch, this lighter delivers a focused and powerful ignition, perfect for lighting cigars, pipes, and more with ease and precision. Its ergonomic construction fits comfortably in your hand, while the refillable design ensures long-lasting use. Whether you're enjoying a smoke session indoors or outdoors, the Stable Base Single Flame Torch Lighter offers dependable performance and convenience, making it the perfect companion for any smoking enthusiast seeking stability and reliability in their lighter.

Note: Need to refill Butane gas before useColor will be chosen at our own discretion and may vary depending upon stock availability.

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