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Milky Blue Percolator Straight Waterpipe 35cm

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Upgrade your smoking game with the Milky Blue Percolator Straight Waterpipe. Standing at a height of 35cm, this water pipe is made from high-quality glass and features a sleek, modern design with a stunning blue tint.
The percolator function ensures smooth hits every time, and the straight tube design makes it easy to clean. The 18mm female joint size and 14mm drop cone allow for easy attachment and removal of accessories. The 18mm stem ensures a steady flow of smoke, delivering an enjoyable smoking experience.

Key Features:
  • 35cm height for comfortable use
  • 18mm female joint size for easy accessory attachment
  • 14mm drop cone for smooth hits
  • Percolator function ensures a smooth smoking experience
  • Straight tube design for easy cleaning

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