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Premium Triple Percolator Straight Base Waterpipe 60cm

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The Premium Triple Percolator Straight Base Waterpipe is an investment for any smoker seeking an exceptional smoking experience. This waterpipe has been designed to offer both practicality and endurance. It stands tall at 60cm, the perfect height for an optimal smoking session. The triple percolator feature ensures that the smoke is filtered and cooled, delivering a smooth and satisfying smoke.

Key features:

  1. Triple Percolator: The waterpipe features three layers of filtration that provide a clean and smooth smoke.
  2. Straight Base: This feature enhances the stability and durability of the waterpipe.
  3. High-Quality Glass: The waterpipe is crafted from thick and durable glass, making it a long-lasting product.
  4. Ideal Height: Standing at 60cm, it provides a comfortable smoking experience for users.
  5. Easy to Clean: The waterpipe is effortless to disassemble and clean, ensuring it remains fresh and hygienic.

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